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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A Covid-19 Word Find

The world is a crazy place, especially right now. I have made a lot of word finds through the years, both for the blog and just for fun with my kids. I've made them for silly things like types of food, and for more serious matters like elections. I was hesitant to make one for this pandemic though.

However, I wanted to work the current pandemic into the kids schooling as well. They watch the daily press conferences from our governor with us. I want them to be aware and informed. So, I went ahead and made a word find for Covid-19. They even helped come up with some words. We went over why certain words are in the word find (Baking: there has been a shortage of bread on the store shelves, plus it's something we can do together as a family; why there has been a Shortage of Masks, Gloves, and Hand Sanitizer; how to stay healthy (Washing Hands, Soap, No Contact, Six Feet), Symptoms of Covid-19 (Cough, Fever), etc.). Some of the other words are to encourage them to keep in contact with their family and friends or things to do. I think it was something new to do in their day and brought in a fun way to discuss the current events.

There are JPG images below and PDF links, if that makes it easier to print. To print from JPG image: Click on image. Right click. Choose Open In New Tab/Window. Click Print. Or you can save to your computer to print as well. Click on image, right click, choose Save Image As. Save to your computer. Print saved image.

Word Find


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