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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Elf: Day 19-20

Day 19: Eugene decided to take a Ninja Training course. It looks like he is practicing in the kids’ bathroom.

Day 22: E stayed in the bathroom practicing his stealth/blending/camouflage while hiding in Higgins’ robe. The kids really liked the ninja costume so E stayed in it.

I had some left over black fabric from a previous project. I cut out a rough outline of the elf. It was 10:00pm when I started, so I just did some quick stitches (nothing really nice or fancy). After I finished and squeezed the elf into it, I then made his mask with another crap of fabric. He is kind of sewn into the mask, so that outfit will not last long. I may redo it in the future and plan it out better so I don’t start so late at night. 😂

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