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Friday, December 22, 2017

Elf Day 17-19

Back by popular demand (by Higgins), obstacles in the hallway! I didn't want a repeat Elf visit (last time was crepe paper), so this time I did paper chains of snowmen, penguins, and snowflakes. I think the penguins were my favorite!

To make the paper chains, I used a roll of banner paper, folded it over multiple times and cut out the shapes. It was pretty easy to do, although it was occasionally challenging to cut through so many layers of paper. You want to make sure your shape touches both sides of the folded over sides of paper. It is also much, much easier to sketch out the shape on the top of the folded paper than to cut free handed. Trust me. The piles near the elf are my Oops! piles.
Design touching the folded edges

I think next time, I would make it so the snowmen were touching by their hats or sides, not top to bottom. I also wanted to get more obstacle chains put up, but it was already midnight by the time I was done with these, so I called it a night.

I also made some faces on one of the sets of snowmen. I think I may later add a game to it, something along the lines of find which one is different (Find The Snowman with the...). I have some with glasses, some with buttons, some with only one button, nose and no nose.

Day 18: He was in our bedroom last night, near hubby's side.
Day 19: Hanging out in a robe in the kids' bathroom.

I am running out of ideas and time to do something crazy fun with the Elf this year. He has been pretty tame this time, except for a couple of fun visits. I'm hoping to be more on the ball next year.

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