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Monday, December 19, 2016

Elf Days 14-16

Elf Day 14 (12/17/16): Eugene was sitting in my chair today by the computer.

Elf Day 15 (12/18/16): After hearing that Eugene had been a little boring this year, I decided to create their favorite game scene. Today, Eugene was dressed as Minecraft Steve with a diamond helmet and sword. He was standing in front of a Minecraft scene. (See below for details.)

Elf Day 16 (12/19/16): The Elf was hanging out on the lamp today.

Minecraft Steve Elf:
I know that there is a way to cut open the elf and add the bendable wire so it will hang and pose better, but I'm afraid I'll ruin him with my limited skills. Instead, I try to find ways to prop or tie him up. This time, I used a red wrapping ribbon. I wrapped under his arms, underneath the white collar and tied to the Christmas tree branch. It seemed to work pretty well.

I took a screen shot of a Minecraft scene and cropped in half so I could print each half on a full sized piece of paper. I then taped them together and scotch taped to the wall. The Steve head was pretty easy to make, but did take some time. It's not perfect, but I finally called it quits around midnight. I cut out the bottom square to fit the Elf's head in. If you would like to use the images, they are posted below. I printed them to fit a regular sheet of paper in the landscape position (11 x 8.5 inches).

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