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Friday, December 16, 2016

Elf Days 10-13

Day 10 (12/13/14): Eugene was hiding on top of the fridge.

Day 11 (12/14/16): Eugene was hanging out in one of the stockings this morning.

Day 12 (12/15/16): Eugene was in Higgins' room. He started a short story and told Higgins to finish it. Eugene has horrible elf handwriting, so I'll type what it said:
     "Finish The Story!
     The Story of Higgins and Eugene
     Eugene was an Elf. Higgins was a boy. Eugene liked to hide. Higgins liked to"

Day 13 (12/16/16): The Elf was hanging out on Bernardo's bookcase and left a note, "Eugene was here!".

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