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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Penny for Art

The following craft was inspired by two different events. I was trying to come up with craft ideas for the alphabet posts series, and we were also working on coins and their values with Higgins.
I placed a small piece of tape on the back of the coins and taped them to piece of paper. I lined them up according to value, and then placed another piece of paper on top. The boys then took a colored pencil and rubbed it over the top until they got an image. It took a couple of tries, and the harder they pushed the better it turned out. We tried crayons, but they didn't show up as well.

Next, we tried paint. It was not very successful! I placed a glue dot to the end of a pencil and then stuck it to the back of a nickel. I placed a light coat of craft paint on the coin and we stamped down. It did not leave anything but the very edge of the coin. I then placed paint only on the face and pressed the paper onto the coin. It worked, but only once! We tried a couple of other methods, but couldn't get it to work right.
At the end of our coin craft adventure, I think Higgins had more fun than learning. However, he does know a penny now and we'll just keep working on the others.

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