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Monday, April 15, 2013

Secret Special Boxes

My boys love collecting special little trinkets (read: usually junk) that they want to keep. Last year we made treasure boxes out of shoe boxes for the "treasures" they found when we went on walks or up to the park. However, these boxes were kept outside in case of bugs and were not very durable when someone sat on them (which did happen). While we were cleaning out boxes of hubby's childhood mementos, we came across a small decorative wood box. Hubby let Bernardo keep the box and it has been put to use already holding his special treasures. It currently has a bead necklace and Mardi Gras coin from school, a decorative "old" button he found in the driveway, and a few other items inside it. However, there was only one box and Higgins kept trying to take it.
While at the dollar store looking for last minute Easter basket fillers, I found some unfinished wooden boxes. They were only a dollar, so I picked a couple up. (DM Tip: You can also find small wood boxes for a few dollars or less at craft stores like Michael's.) Higgins wanted to make his own box to keep his "super special secret things" like his Lego figure, so I let him have one of the boxes to keep his stuff.

I set up some paints and let him decorate it in his own way. Higgins only wanted to use paint, but you could also use stickers, crayons, and glue on decorations like jewels or other embellishments. Once he finished painting, I used placed a penny under the lid to prop it up so that the paint wouldn't dry and glue the box together.

You would think I gave the kid a million dollars he is so happy! If you happen to have little collectors too, these little boxes are a great way to keep all their stuff in one place and not all over your house or their room.

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  1. Hmm I should deff get my daughters some of these boxes, like for those leggos -lol- I love your blog! Btw, I found your blog over at Bloggy Moms April Hop, I hope you can visit me over at my blog :D


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