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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Posts

It's almost time for Easter, so I thought I would put all my Easter links in one place.

Bunnies, Chicks, and Sprinkles...Oh My! Easter themed cake pops.
Last Minute Easter Ideas: cheese puff carrot bags, jelly bean bracelets, lollipop Egg Basket.
Veggie Trays. I have an example of an Easter veggie tray towards the bottom of the post.
Rice Cereal Easter Treats: Egg and flower shaped rice cereal treats make the perfect snack or dessert for Easter!

Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere...It's An Eggstravaganza!: Food coloring eggs, natural dyed eggs, impression eggs, bubble wrap, Diva Eggs
Easter Eggs: Space InvadersGlitter, and SnorkelPainted Eggs
Scavenger Hunt
Clay Pot Baskets. These are super easy (and cute) baskets that work great as centerpieces.
Coloring Page

Top Row(left to right): Aluminum Foil Painted egg, Alien and Planet Egg, String Painted Egg
Middle Row(left to right): Duck fingerprint, Monkey fingerprint (well, it's my attempt at a monkey)
Bottom Row(left to right): Diva Egg II/Glitter egg, Making the eggs, Snorkel egg

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