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Friday, February 22, 2013

Kids & Cameras

This morning, I was hunted by paparazzi. Not because I'm famous or did anything spectacular, but because I'm a mom and I had armed my children. Apparently, they thought since I was always taking pictures of them, it was pay back time. However, I did have to delete some of the pictures and have a talk about how you don't take pictures of people in the shower.

A couple years ago, we bought Bernardo his very own camera. It was a Vtech Digital Camera for kids. He loved it and still uses it. Higgins also "borrows" it sometimes to take his own pictures with it. It has a larger outer case so that small hands can grip it easily. It also has built in effects, stores a lot of pictures on its own internal memory, and you can download the pictures to your computer. The only complaint I have is that the flash is not very strong. Little hands tend to move a lot and shake when trying to take a picture, so in dim lighting we get a lot of blurry pictures.
Paparazzi picture of the paparazzi
If you want to keep your kids busy for a day, give them a camera! There are disposable cameras still available at most convenience stores, but you have to get the film developed. If you have an old digital camera that you don't mind if it gets broken, you could try giving it to the kids. I find it amazing what they will take pictures of (I never thought of my floors as that interesting) and seeing things from their perspectives. Just keep in mind that young kids have no concept of personal space ;)
Some of the kids'pictures. Notice the blurry picture of me, even
with the flash. The fish frame and pirate accessories are part of
the built in effects. Also pictured is the lack of personal space.

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