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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What Is Your Code Name?

Don't forget to vote today (and to check out my Election Time: Who Is The Better Father? post if you missed it) In honor of Election Day, I thought today's post could be about the President's code name.

Did you know that the presidential candidates already have their code names picked out? I had no idea the background behind the code names, so I did a little research. Code names for the Presidents began with Harry S. Truman. Each President and his family get their code names from the White House Communications Agency, not the Secret Service. The code name should be easy to pronounce and members of the same family will receive code names all starting with the same letter. The Vice President and family, along with a few other government officials will also receive code names. The President receives a list of potential names and gets to pick one. Originally, the code names were used to protect communications deemed sensitive. However with the updated encryption technology available today, the names are mostly for tradition.

Here's a list of the past Presidents and their code names:
Harry Truman: General
Dwight Eisenhower: Scorecard, Providence
John F. Kennedy: Lancer
Lyndon Johnson: Volunteer
Richard Nixon: Searchlight
Gerald Ford: Pass Key
Jimmy Carter: Deacon
Ronald Reagan: Rawhide
George H. W. Bush: Timberwolf
Bill Clinton: Eagle
George W. Bush: Tumbler (when his dad was in office), Trailblazer
Barack Obama: Renegade
Mitt Romney: Javelin

Other Code Names:
Queen Elizabeth II: Kittyhawk, Redfern
Prince Charles: Unicorn

What would yours be? What would your spouse's and kids be?


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