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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Bernardo and Higgins are both in school this year. The first couple days after school started I was sad that the house was so empty, although the quiet was nice. Then I realized that I had two hours twice a week to run errands all by myself! Target is my go-to-place for quick errands (of course, it doesn't hurt that there is a Starbucks there as well!). As I was checking out the dollar bins at the front of the store for little stocking stuffers, I saw the parade of moms coming in that had just dropped their children off at school(s). I realized that the SAHM's have their own version of Jersey Shore's GTL (Gym-Tan-Laundry).

The SAHM's GTL: Groceries-Target-Laundry.

Do you GTL? How often?

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