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Monday, September 10, 2012

Yes Day

I would like to take credit for being the best mom ever and coming up with this idea, but I read it on another blog, People I Want To Punch In The Throat (Her posts crack me up: they are full of vents, humor, and sarcasm.). 'Yes Day'' is when you say yes as often as possible to your kids for a day.

School is starting soon and Bernardo just lost his first tooth. My oldest baby isn't such a baby anymore and it's making me a little sad. Yesterday I worked on the computer a lot and felt that I said 'No' too much. So this morning I decided to have an undeclared 'Yes Day'. I didn't tell the kids we were having a Yes Day because they probably would have asked for something different (for example, a new toy or driving two days to go to the beach). Instead, I asked what they wanted to do today. Surprisingly, it has been pretty low key!

First they wanted to go to story time at the library. After story time they each wanted to pick a book and a movie to bring home.

After the library, they asked to go to the park. At the park we played monkey bars, went down the slide and fireman's pole. Then they wanted to RUN. I am not a runner. Ask anyone who knows me, I do not run. That is Hubby's job. But it was 'Yes Day', so we ran a lap around the track.

After running and playing on the equipment a little longer, the boys were hungry. They asked for McDonald's for lunch. Normally I would have said no, but today it was a yes.

Generally, I was successful at saying "Yes". However, there were a few times I had to pull out the 'No'. For instance, when Higgins wanted to run out into the parking lot or when they both wanted to eat "lots"of candy. They each got a few pieces, but certainly not "lots".

When hubby was driving home, I told him of my last minute decision to have an undeclared Yes Day. He wanted to know why he didn't get a 'Yes Day'. I think everyone knows why we can't say yes to our husbands for an entire day! So instead he manipulated the kids. He likes going to a restaurant that I don't really like. He talked to Bernardo on the phone and persuaded him to ask me to go there. Sigh. We went.
Cotton candy!
Bernardo told me it was the best day ever! :)

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  1. Like the concept!! Yeah, you may be should not have told husband about the Yes day!! :D Glad they had a great time though!!


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