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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go Apple Picking!

Growing up, my parents took us apple picking. We got to pick our own apples off the trees and drink apple cider. As I get older and farther away from childhood, I don't remember as much from being a kid (much to my mother's dismay). Of course, I remember when I skinned my knee (still have the scar), slammed my hand in the car door, the broken toe, and the twisted ankle while bike riding. I also remember baking with my mom, pizza night at our house, going apple picking, singing in the car with my dad, and some fun vacations. I know the kids won't remember everything we do when they get older, but I hope they remember some of the fun times we have!

I wanted to share some of my childhood fun with my kids and when they saw a PBS show on apple picking, it seemed like the perfect opportunity! We have lots of farms within an hour or so drive of where we live. However, because of the rain/no rain combination this year, it had been a bad apple season for the local farms. Only one of them offered Pick Your Own apples this year. The kids loved it though, and we got to support the local economy.

It's a great opportunity to have fun with your kids, along with teaching them that their food doesn't magically come from the grocery store! To find a Pick Your Own farm near you, try this site (www.pickyourown.org) (or Google "pick your own" and your zip code).

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  1. Apple picking is a great family activity in the fall. Many apple picking farms also include other attractions like a hay maze and tractor rides. You can usually pick up some delicious apple treats too!


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