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Monday, August 13, 2012

Left Hander's Day

Today is Left Hander's Day! If you have a left hander in your family, you know that it can be hard to adjust to a right handed world. Everything is backwards: scissors, the computer mouse, manual can openers, even the shutter button and wrist strap on most cameras. Almost everyone around you is doing things differently; can you imagine how confusing that is for a kid? Back in the day, they even made left handers write with their right hands in school!

So make sure to give your left-hander a big hug today!

Here's a few links to left handed geared stores:

More Links:
http://www.indiana.edu (List of Famous Left Handers)
http://www.lefthandedportal.com (List of Famous Left Handers)

In honor of Left Hander's Day, I made a Word Find with the names of famous left handed people!


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