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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coleslaw and Pulled Beef: A Different Kind of Sundae

Sometimes I get bored with food. I make it, place it on a plate, everyone eats it, and then I wash the dishes. Repeat the next day. Sometimes I like to serve the food a little differently just to spice things up. (You might remember the post where I served Spaghetti Sundaes for dinner.)

For this fun dinner, I made my coleslaw recipe and pulled beef recipe. Both are a huge hit at my house; we usually don't have left-overs! I wanted to make a banana split dinner sundae, but had a hard time finding the right dishes. I ended up finding this serving tray, which worked pretty well. I added in the scoops of coleslaw and pulled beef to look like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream scoops.

The vanilla "ice cream" scoop is my regular coleslaw recipe.  The chocolate scoop is the pulled beef. It is topped with mashed potato "whipped cream" and BBQ sauce "chocolate syrup". The strawberry ice cream is my coleslaw recipe made with red cabbage to get the pink color.

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  1. Wow! I thought this was really ice cream at first! What a fun idea :)


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