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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Watermelon Basket

I love baskets made out of fruit. I've always wanted to make one, but it would be too hard. Apparently, Higgins thought it was time for me to try. I had just washed the watermelon. I heard the ding of a text message and left the kitchen to get my phone. Next thing I hear is a THUNK. Higgins had tried to get the melon off the counter by himself (well, with the help of his little step stool he brought in for the occasion).
There were two cracks in the melon, not too bad considering the mess I was expecting. It almost followed a handle pattern, so I decided to try to make a watermelon fruit basket. It didn't take too long and other than cutting out the inside parts a little bit at a time, wasn't too hard. This would make a great presentation at a 4th of July Party!

Here's how I did it, just based on what I thought would work.

1. Determine the flattest part of the watermelon. This will be the bottom, so it doesn't roll.
2. Cut into the top of the watermelon's rind where you want the handle to go.
3. Next, cut horizontally across the watermelon to cut out around the handles. Make sure you don't cut too far over and cut off the handle! Remove and set aside the wedges.
4. Trim off the watermelon from the handle rind and set aside.
5. Next, carefully cut sections of watermelon off the rind. I did it in small chunks, but a melon baller would work well too. Set aside watermelon.
 6. Scrape out any uneven sections with a spoon.
7. If you want, cut a triangle pattern around the top edges of the basket.
7. Cut up watermelon and other fruit.
8. Fill basket and enjoy!

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