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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Stroller Recalls...

Peg Perego Strollers
What: Peg Pergo strollers, Venezia, Pliko-P3 made between 1/2004 and 9/2007. The recall only is for strollers with a 1 cup holder tray (not the bumper bar or 2 cup holder tray)
Hazard: Entrapment, Strangulation
Look for Model #'s: 
     Pliko-P3 Models Numbers: IPFR28US34, IPPF28NA32, IPPF28NA57, IPFT28NA63, IPPF28NA57, IPFT28NA64, IPPF28NA65, IPPF28NA66, IPPF28NA67, IPPF28NA68, IPP328MU10, IPP328MU09, IPP328US09, IPP328US10, IPP329US10, IPPA28US32, IPPA28US33, IPPA28US34, IPPD28NA34, IPPO28US32, IPPO28US34, IPPO28US62, IPPO28US69, IPPO28US70, IPPO28US71
     Venezia Stroller Model Numbers: IPVA13MU09, IPVA13MU10, IPVA13US09, IPVA13US10, IPVA13US32, IPVA13US34, IPVC13NA32, IPVC13NA34
Sold At: Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, etc.
Contact: www.PegPeregoUSA.com, or (888)734-6020
Source: CPSC

Kolcraft Stroller
What: Contours Options LT Tandem 
Hazard: Fall, Choking
Look for Model Number: ZT012
Sold At: Target.com, Amazon.com, Burlington Coat Factory, other online stores
Contact: www.kolcraft.com, or (800) 453-7673
Source: CPSC

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