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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day is Sunday 4/22/12


When is Earth Day?
This year, Earth Day is Sunday 4/22/12.

What is Earth Day?
Earth Day was begun to celebrate and raise awareness about the Earth and its environment. It is celebrated world-wide. The first observation of Earth Day was on 3/21/1970. The United Nations made April 22 International Mother Earth Day in 2009. Lately, the focus on Earth Day had been about recycling, reusing, and reducing your carbon footprint.

There are some freebies available:
  • Target: Reusable bag/tote
  • Disney: Reusable Bag (bring in 5 plastic bags to exchange for reusable bag)
  • Starbucks: Free cup of hot/iced coffee or hot/iced tea when you bring your own reusable cup
  • Caribou Coffee: Free cup of coffee when bring in your own reusable cup
  • Parks: Some of the National parks are offering free admission
  • Chipotle: Free burrito when you buy a reusable lunch bag ($18) made from old billboards http://store.chipotle.com/products/chipotle-repurposed-billboard-lunch-tote
  • Pottery Barn Kids: Pack of sunflower seeds
  • Some libraries offer free trees. I've heard rumors of Lowe's giving away free trees, but didn't see anything on their website.


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