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Monday, April 2, 2012

April Showers

April is the time for rain and flowers growing. We have lots of geese and ducks around our area that love the puddles the rain makes. It's not very often I let the kids play in the rain, but the next time it does, I think we're going to have a dance in the rain day. Afterwards, we're going to enjoy some duck cupcakes. (I may have had a slight duck obsession before I had the kiddos. I have around 200 or so rubber ducks.)

To make the duck cupcakes, bake a batch of cupcakes. Buy blue fondant (or color fondant blue with gel icing colors) and roll into various sizes of balls. Ice the cupcake and place the fondant balls around in a pile. You can make the fondant stick to itself by brushing on a small amount of water, or by attaching with icing. Next, place a duck on the top (small or mini rubber ducks work well). If you don't like fondant, you could also pipe on icing balls.

P.S. These work great for baby showers or for 1st birthdays too! You can buy duck candles online.

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