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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Back To School and Lost Forks

 Good morning!

We have officially been back to school for almost two weeks now! Online school is a bit of an adjustment, even with having some online school at the end of last school year for COVID shutdowns. It is a new system to learn and there have been a few technical issues this week after a system update. Even the teachers are having a hard time. One day it wouldn't let them log on, then all their "live" class sessions disappeared, then all their assignments disappeared as well. Completed work sent in wasn't registered. It's been a little frustrating this week for school. 

We're getting through it though and adjusting. It's been nice that we can also add in supplemental hours to their learning. We've been visiting the National Parks and other historical sites. The other day they learned about blister beetles and had to research what kind of rattlesnake we saw on the trail. It's been fun. I have blog posts up and links to our YouTube channel at our trip's website, www.TepeTravels.com.

It's been a little crazy adjusting to school again. We are currently in a two hour time zone difference from where school is and we have to get up early so that they can attend classes. Somehow this has led to a missing cup and 2 missing forks. We had them before school started and have kept them safe in the last 2 months, so I can only guess it was tired brains from getting up early. You would think that in 400ish square feet, you could find things easier! It's been days and we still can't find them. I'm worried they accidentally got tossed in the garbage. Last night someone had to eat with a plastic fork. When we made the move to the RV for this trip, I only packed 5 forks (1 for each of us and 1 extra). We are now down to 3 forks! Hopefully the missing silverware shows up soon, or we will have to buy some new ones.

 Since it is the start of the school year, I have a link here for my Back To School Word Find as well. 

Hope everyone is having a great start to the school year!

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