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Friday, December 13, 2019

The Elf Day 10

The Elf has been pretty boring this year, so  he wanted to do something that the kids would get a kick out of.

He was hanging out under the Christmas tree (which still is not decorated), in his Lego constructed Reading Room with some snacks and a few good books. The kids didn't find him before school started. Poor Eugene didn't get found until after school, but he was a big hit.

I have been wanting to do a reading scene with the elf for awhile now, so I finally made it happen. I wrote and printed out a small book titled Eugene the Elf. It's only about six pages long. I then created two small covers for the books on his side table, titled How The Elf Saved Christmas and How To Be The Best Elf You Can Be. Maybe next year I can write some pages for those books too!

I raided the kids' Lego bin to find the pieces. The room wasn't too hard to make. However, the fireplace took awhile to get right. The picture frames are holding pictures of the kids and were pretty easy to do with the right pieces (see below). I had a Lego 4x4 Frame Plate (link to Lego) and a Lego 1x2 / 2x4 Angle Plate (link to Lego). I rested the picture on the back of the frame and used the force of clipping the angle plate onto the back of the frame plate to hold it in place.
I found a few little food type items and placed them on the side table. The side table is just a rectangular plate with a couple of bricks (2x2) underneath for the legs.

The good news is that the kids loved it. The bad news is they both want to keep it.

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