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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Elf Days 11 - 18

The Elf has moved a few times since my last post, although he has been lazy too.

Day 11: Elf hung out in the Christmas tree.
Day 12: Caught him watching a baking competition show on gingerbread.
Day 13: He caught Bernardo red handed reading a book. Well, Bernardo fell asleep with the book open on his bed, with the lights still on, and that's how we the Elf caught him. Eugene left him a message on the bathroom mirror.
Day 14: Forgot to move.
Day 15: Hard to play basketball with the Elf in the way. (Hanging from the net.)
Day 17: Hanging out in the laundry room.
Day 18: The boys clearly didn't do their chores, because they didn't find the Elf in the laundry room. He didn't move in the hopes that they do their chores today and find him.
I did have big plans for the Elf. We'll see if I can get together enough to do them (and post!). On Eugene's last day, he will be leaving a gingerbread house kit for the boys to do over their winter break! It will be done after Christmas, but will give them something fun to do during their time off.

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