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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Bee Happy Cookies

School has been back almost a month now. We are slowly getting into a routine, which is good. However, by Friday the kids are ready for the weekend. Last week I made them some Bee Happy cookies.

They are easy and quick to make. I placed them in a sandwich bag and wrote "Bee Happy! It's Friday" on the front of the bag in permanent marker.

I used yellow candy melts, pretzel twists, candy eyes, and Oreos. You will also need piping bags or sandwich bags and wax paper.

First, lay out a piece of wax paper. Next, melt the candy melts per the package directions. Dip the pretzel twists into the melted coating using a fork. Gently tap on the side of the container to shake off any extra coating from the pretzel. Place on the wax paper to set. Make 1 per bee. For half of the wings, I sprinkled added a sprinkling of black sprinkles.

Next, place the melted candy melt into a piping bag (a sandwich bag with just the tip cut off works too). Pipe thin lines onto the Oreo cookie (the body of the bee).

Once the wings have set, use the melted candy melt to attach to the body. I used the piping bag to attach the wings. Finally attach the eye. Let set completely.

Alternatively, if you have the really mini pretzel twists, you could make the bee facing you with two wings and two eyes.

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