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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Elf Days 11-13

I've been wanting to put the Elf in a clear balloon for awhile. Our Elf has been really boring this year, so I finally decided to do it. I bought 18" clear balloons on Amazon. The balloons worked really well and the kids got a huge kick out the Elf Stuck in the Snow Globe.

Day 11: Snow globe
Day 12: Snow globe again. Kids had spent the night at Grandma's and the Elf didn't move.
Day 13: Bernardo had cleaned out his bookshelf and had put some books in a box to save for later. It was still in the hallway, so the Elf hid behind the box. Yes, my son may be a little bit like me and have a love for books. He labeled the box "Fragile".
Elf Snow Globe Directions: It was a little tricky to get the Elf inside the balloon. I would definitely recommend working with someone else, one person to hold the balloon open, one person to stuff the elf in. I tried using a glass to hold the balloon open and it broke the glass. Not fun! Once the Elf was in, I used a hole punch and made the snow for the globe and just placed inside the balloon. I cut a small piece of cardboard, wrote "Help! Stuck in a snow globe." and placed inside the balloon. I used a balloon pump to inflate the balloon. I found it pretty cheap at Target. I had crazy plans of making a type of seat for the Elf to be on inside the balloon (I had it set up as a soda bottle bottom, a bit of bating, and a white twist tie to keep the elf on the bottle bottom.) However, I did not manage to get it done by myself and I wanted to get it done before the kids got home from school. TIP: Do not inflate too much, the balloon may pop and it is really hard to tie! I used a styrofoam bowl, turned upside down, punched a hole in the center, and shoved the tied end of the balloon through. I placed a piece of packing tape over the end to help keep in place. I shook the balloon until I got the Elf close to where I wanted him in the globe. I then used a silver and red permanent marker to write on the bowl base of the snow globe.

There are also 36" clear balloons, if you wanted to go bigger or make it easier to get the elf inside the balloon.

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