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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Elf On The Shelf Day 3

The boys have been super exited about Star Wars lately. And who can blame them? Star Wars is awesome! I have seen all of them and the boys have seen a lot of them with Grandpa. 

In honor the of the new Star Wars movie coming out next week, Eugene wanted to get in on the action.
Of course, then hubby pointed out that the Storm Troopers really don't have lightsabers, so we had another photo shoot (Eugene wanted to be authentic and to meet Vader).

*To make the lightsabers, you will need glow sticks, duct tape (I used silver and black), and maybe an empty toilet paper roll. If you don't have black duct tape, electrical tape would probably work just as well.

It was late when I started these, so they aren't super finished looking but they did the job. I cut a small piece of cardboard from the roll and taped to one end of the glowstick. Gently roll the cardboard around the stick to form the handle. Be careful, it's really easy to crack and activate the stick. Tape closed. Wrap with black duct tape. Make sure to go up the stick a little bit and cover all of the cardboard. Wrap the middle with a piece of silver duct tape. Wrap a thin line of black duct table in the middle of the silver.
To get the Elf to hold the lightsaber, I tried tape. It didn't last long. I then found some white wire to match his gloves. I wrapped one end around a wrist, then around the lightsaber, and then the other wrist. I tried to line up the wire on the lightsaber with the black middle line of the handle. Once it was attached, I covered the wire with a piece of the black duct tape. 

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