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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

good2grow Juice Review

If you guys have been with me for awhile, you may remember me talking about BzzAgent. I get a sample or a coupon for a product to review and I also get coupons to share. (For more info on BzzAgent, check out my Freebies For Adults post.)  When I think it might be something you would be interested in, I blog about it too!

My latest Bzz Kit was a juice drink called good2grow. I had noticed the brand at the store with a 6 pack of juice bottles and also single bottles with character toppers. The bottles were next to other topper style bottles that were full of added sugar, so I had passed them by. However, when the BzzAgent offered a chance at a drink to "help make drinking healthy fun", I was excited to have the boys try it. I was even more surprised that it was a juice that I had seen before.

The boys first tried the strawberry-kiwi and loved it! I had one Capri Sun Super V (Fruit Punch) left and asked them which they liked better. They picked the good2grow. When I asked what if the V came in a bottle and topper too, they said they would still like the good2grow better. 

The boys are at an age where (most of the time) they can hold the juice pouches/boxes and not squeeze too hard and squirt juice all over. However, they still liked the caps since it is easier to drink from a smaller hole than just an open bottle. The caps are supposed to be leak-proof and dishwasher safe, which is nice.  

If you remember my cereal comparison post, we are trying to eat healthier and are reading food labels. 
I had been giving the boys Capri Sun Super V juice. I figure that on the occasions they are going to drink juice, it might as well have a serving of veggies/fruit with it. Both the Capri Sun Super V Fruit Punch and the good2grow Tropical Fruit Medley claimed to provide a combined serving of fruits and vegetables in one serving of juice. I had also just bought an Honest Kids Fruit Punch (organic). My ideal juice would be made without GMO's, no corn syrup/high fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, and would have a serving of veggies/fruit, and also be organic. (Not too picky, right?) Usually the boys get milk and water for their drinks and juice is for special occasions (birthdays, playdates, parties). I wanted to take a closer look and see which juice would provide the biggest benefit for my kids. 
My comparison chart (click to enlarge)
I love it when I can understand the ingredient list and not have to look up what something is. However, there was one ingredient in the Capri Sun Super V that I wasn't sure on: Soluble Corn Fiber. I had to look this one up. According to webmd.com "Soluble corn fiber, which replaces traditional sweeteners as well as adding fiber, is also turning up on ingredient lists." I still had no idea what it really was. It was not easy to find, but some sites claim that "soluble corn fiber" is really just relabeled corn syrup! I found it hard to find a straight answer, but finally found something on Promitor's website, a large manufacturer of soluble corn fiber. On one of their information pages, I found this information: "Can be labeled as “soluble corn fiber,” “corn syrup” or “corn syrup solids,” making it extremely consumer friendly compared to other fibers currently on the market". I was annoyed at myself for not reading the label better before and at the company for renaming corn syrup. I felt like they were trying to hide it in the ingredient list. 
I wanted to be sure the boys were picking their favorite juice based on taste, not on cool character tops, so I decided to do a blind taste test to see which they really liked better! I marked blue plastic cups with numbers 1, 2, and 3. I marked the matching number on the juice container. I poured a little bit in each one and let them taste. The good2grow came out victorious. I tasted them all as well. Both the good2grow and Capri Sun Super V had a pretty good taste. The Honest Kids had a very, very faint flavor. It tasted more like water with a hint of watermelon.

From what I read, my label comparisons and the taste test, I think the good2grow is a great juice to offer my kids. I am going to stop buying the Capri Sun due to the corn syrup (aka soluble corn fiber) that is in the drink. The Honest Kids offers another good alternative, but it doesn't state that the juice contains a serving of fruits/veggies. 

BONUS!: If you have tried good2grow and liked it, they have a giveaway right now. You can enter at http://win.good2grow.com/bzzagent for a chance to win a birthday party with your choice of caps and $500!

NOTE:The good2grow single drink with the topper was $2.59 and the 6 pack refill pack $3.49 at my local grocery store. 


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Honest Kids Fruit Punch, Honest Tea
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*In the interest of full disclosure: I received free products for this review, as well as coupons to hand out to friends and family. However, the views presented are my honest opinions and receipt of product did not affect my views/opinion.
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