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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Parent Interviews: Heather

It's time for another installment of Parent Interviews! This weeks mom is Heather. She has some really cute pancakes on her blog, so make sure to check her out!
Name: Heather


Number of Kids You Have:

Number of Kids You Want:
Two is good for now, but we will see what the future holds.

Stay at home mom, caregiver to one adorable little girl, and blogger

What is your favorite memory as a parent?  
I think one of my favorite memories as a parent is the when my daughter came to meet our son for the first time in the hospital.  She was so excited about being a big sister, and when she finally was allowed to see us, I asked her who I was holding and she proudly said "That's my brother!"  Melt my heart.

What is your favorite memory of your mom or dad? 
I grew up with 4 brothers and 1 sister, so there are a lot of fun family memories.  Something that sticks out in my mind though are food fights.  Yes, you read that right, food fights.  We normally had good manners at the table, but I can remember at least two times where my dad started a food fight by sending some mashed potatoes across the table.  As a parent, I haven't had a food fight with my kids, but this reminds me to just let go sometimes.  Have some fun and be silly with your kids.

We always say we're not going to be like our moms or dads. What is your "Oh my god, I'm like my Mom" moment?  
Buying a minivan.  I always thought I could figure out a way to never have a minivan, but I have to say it is pretty convenient. 

What is your best parenting advise?
Be patient.  This is really hard to do sometimes, but I feel like my kids learn how to do things better when they do it themselves, and sometimes that takes time.  This is also true for milestones.  My son was a very late crawler, and I often compared him to my friend's kids.  (That is another good piece of advice; don't compare your kids to anyone else)  In the end, I had nothing to worry about, he was just happy sitting where he was and began crawling when he wanted to.  Now I can't make him stay still!  My daughter proved this to us when she gave up her pacis.  We tried for months to take away her pacis, but one day she told us "I don't need a paci anymore," handed them over, and she was done.  I also love it when they accomplish something and, with a big smile on their face, they say "I did it!"

What is the funniest thing your child has said?  
My sister and my daughter have a great relationship, and they often like to have Auntie time without me.  I dropped my daughter off one time, and as soon as I left she said "Now that mommy is gone we can do whatever we want!"  I think I am in trouble.
Lately my son is in this kick of proclaiming "I am amazing!"  I think this started when I said it when he used the potty for the first time, but lately he has been saying it for big (using the potty) and little (eating his food) things.

What is your pet peeve?
Dishes that flip over in the dishwasher.  I dislike opening a clean load of dishes to find cups or bowls flipped over and filled with yucky water.  I feel like rinsing them is not enough and I have to wash them again.

What is your favorite dessert and/or indulgence?
My weakness is ice cream.  Graeter's Mocha Chip. YUM!

What is your favorite thing to do (without the kids)?
My husband and I like to try new restaurants.  There are so many amazing places to eat in our town, but taking the kids is not always an option.  We have created a list of places we want to try and are slowly checking them off when we can.

What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?
The Zoo!  Our zoo is amazing, and since we have a season pass, we go all the time but never feel like we have to see everything in one trip.  My daughter loves the giraffes and my son is split between the elephants and riding the train.

What is your favorite holiday?
My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.  Our Fourth of July traditions include watching a parade, riding ponies at a festival, cooking out with family, and watching fireworks.  I love that I don't have to buy an presents for anyone and we can just spend the day with our family.

What book are you reading?
Right now I am reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  This is the current book for my book club, but it is taking me so long to read!  They last book I read and really enjoyed was The Hunger Games.

List one random piece of information about yourself that you want to share:
I wish I could wear flip flops everyday.


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