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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hand Me A Frame For Mom, Please! (A Mother's Day Craft and Gift)

I love seeing how my kids grow. It's amazing to see how fast their little hands and feet grow. I have their baby prints from the hospital, and the handprint and footprint crafts we've made through the years. I wanted to try something else this year and it would make a great Mother's Day present.

You will need:
  • A wide mat 
  • Picture frame to fit the mat
  • A family picture (or maybe you can take one on Mother's Day)
  • Willing hands
  • Stamp pad

1. Stamp a hand and place on the mat. Gently press down. DM Tip: I practiced on a piece of paper so I wouldn't mess up the mat.
2. Repeat for each person.
3. Wash hands before moving the mat so you don't transfer any extra ink.
4. I wrote the names next to the hands so I would know who they belonged to long after the kids have grown bigger. I also wrote the year at the bottom corner.

DM Tips: I couldn't find a mat that would be wide enough for the grown ups hands. You may be able to talk to your local craft or framing store to see if they could cut a mat for you. I ended up finding this cute canvas with a spot for a picture at Michael's for $14.99. There was a lot of room for everyone's handprints. If you use one of Michael's 40% coupons (by signing up for their emails), it takes $6.99 off the price. However, I also noticed that even after the ink dried, it could still smear if it got wet.

However, I placed a layer of Mod Podge over the handprints to keep them from smearing. Even though I put it on pretty quickly, it still smeared a little bit. Next time, I think I would use a spray type of sealant. I found this one in a gloss finish and this one in a matte finish online that received good reviews.

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