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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Does Shaving Cream and Paint Have In Common?

Lots of fun!

My boys have made shaving cream paint art at preschool through the years. I always wondered how they did it, so I had Bernardo show me the other day. There are several variations online, but this is how he said they did it at school.

You will need:
  • Shaving cream (white color)
  • Craft paint (Tempura works well)
  • Paper
  • Hands willing to get messy

1. Spray small mounds of shaving cream onto the paper.
2. Squeeze a dot of paint onto the mound and repeat for each mound.
3. Use your hands to move the paint through the shaving cream and spread all over the paper.
4. Let dry. Some methods have you scrape off the shaving cream to leave the paint behind. Bernardo was quite insistent that they left theirs on until it dried. DM Tip: The spots where the shaving cream was spread in a thin layer on the paper dried pretty quickly. However, the larger spots of shaving cream dried to a pile of fluff that was easily knocked off. Once everything dried, I ended up scraping the dried foam off so that I wouldn't have to worry about pieces of dyed shaving cream appearing all around my house after we hung the crafts on the fridge.


  1. a very cool idea. it will be great activity for my kids when at home. Is there an alternative for shaving cream? my kids don't like it because its minty and it make their eyes teary. I don't want to use my hubby's shaving cream too hahahah

  2. Whipping cream


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