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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Moving...School District Help

We want to move to a better school district. We even know which one. The problem lies in finding the right house in the right district. Some of the neighborhoods are half one district and half another. The school district doesn't even have a usable map. I spent hours trying to figure how to get a map of the school district we wanted. Some Google Earth layers allow for 'school district', but I couldn't get it to work. Finally I found this website. It allows you to select your state and view all the school districts. You can then type in the district you are looking for. I thought I would pass on the information in case anyone else has had or is having this problem!

1. Open the website and select your state. It will open a state view of the school districts.

2. Click the Locator box and type in the school district you are looking for. The map will outline the district. Zoom using the tool on the left side or double click on the school district.
School District View
Type in school district

3. Select Map Layers to select Streets with an Overlay of School District.
4. Next, you can select Transparency to decrease the color of the district. This way you can see the street names underneath.

5. You can also zoom in and print the maps. I had to zoom in a lot so I could see the street names within the zig zag district lines, and ended up taping a map together.

6. Select Map Tools to print.

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