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Monday, November 12, 2012

Pilgrim Hat Snacks

These make really cute snack holders or placeholders!

You will need: Black black paper cups, black construction paper, yellow construction paper, craft glue.

1. Cut out the bottom of the 9 oz paper cup. (DM Tip: If you don't have a craft knife, you can
    poke a hole in the middle, cut 4 slits to the edge, and push the flaps to the inside
    of the cup.

2. Cut another paper cup down to size. You want it to snugly fit inside the other cup,
    but not stick out the bottom. This will be the cup that forms a base and holds the snacks in.

3. Place glue around the outside top of the cut cup.

4. Insert cup cup inside larger cup. Let dry.

5. Cut a circle out of the black construction paper. This will be that hat brim, so you
    want  it a little larger than the cup. Glue to the cup.

6. Cut out a rectangle or square out of the yellow paper. Cut out the center. This will
    be the buckle on the hat. Glue to the front of the hat.

7. Fill with snacks and enjoy! (DM Tip: Fill with pretzels, snack mix, or sliced veggies.)

ALTERNATIVE: If you don't want to serve snacks, omit the smaller cup. Attach the black circle and yellow buckle as directed. You can cut slits into the bottom of the 9 oz cup (or cut it out) and place in napkins and plastic silverware!

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