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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Passing on Childhood Memories

I have a lot of childhood memories that I would love to pass on: family vacations, baking cookies (and occasionally eating the batter), and having fun at the playground.

My mom took the boys to a park one day and they asked me if I had gone to that park when I was a kid. I told them that it looked a lot different when I was little. They wanted to know what the park looked like then. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pictures. The park now has a large playground with foam type of mats and even some canopies to keep the sun off of the playground. It's a nice park. However, when I was a kid the park only had some swings, a few shelters, and a cement slide. The slide was awesome and one of things I remember most about my time playing there. It was made of cement but it was smooth on top so you could slide down. You could also use a piece of cardboard to go faster. When they updated the park several years ago, they took the cement slide out.

The boys could not believe I used to play on a cement slide. Even hubby had never been on one! I did some searching and there were two more around, mostly in the older city parks. It was getting a little chilly, but we decided to go find the slide closest to us. The boys had a blast and loved the slide. This one even had a coating on the top to make it super smooth and fast. They had a mat at the bottom for unexpected landings. We spent almost an hour on the slide and the boys want to know when we can go back.

What childhood memory do you want to share with your kids?

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