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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mini Cornucopia Snacks

You will need:
  • Sugar cone(s) or waffle cone(s)
  • Dowel rod or clean pencil
  • Filler (snack mix, M&M's, popcorn, etc.)
  • Saran wrap or cellophane
  • Ribbon 

1.  Dip the tip in warm water for 20 seconds.
2. Microwave cone for 20 seconds.
3. Bend the tip over the dowel rod or pencil. Hold in place for 20-30 seconds. DM Tip: To get a larger curl at the end, use a wider dowel rod.

4. Let dry/harden.
5. Once it is dry, fill with candy, popcorn, etc.
5. Cover opening with plastic wrap and tie with a ribbon. You could also use a rubber band. You can also wrap the entire snack in cellophane and tie with ribbon.

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