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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Caffinated Review: Green Mountain Coffee Review

I recently received some free samples of Green Mountain CoffeeI am a BzzAgent; I get a sample or a coupon for a product, along with coupons to share. (For more info on BzzAgent, check out my Freebies For Adults post.)  

I had heard of and seen Green Mountain Coffee before, but had not bought it. I love coffee. I probably drink a pot of coffee a day. My husband also drinks coffee, although maybe not as much. We go through a lot of coffee. Normally I buy *gasp* the store brand, or name brands when they go on sale. However, we are buying more organic and natural foods when we can. When I got the invitation to try Green Mountain, it seemed like a great fit.

Green Mountain Coffee offers a large variety of Fair Trade Certified coffees. What's the big deal about Fair Trade? Well, it helps the farmers with improved working conditions, a fair price for their goods, supports the local community (roads, schools, water), and also helps protect the environment. Not all of Green Mountain's coffees are Fair Trade Certified, although they have a large variety that are. They do offer organic coffee as well, and according to their website are trying to increase consumer awareness of organic, Rainforest Alliance, and Certified Fair Trade coffees.

I know, all that is great..but how did it taste? I received a sample of the House Blend. The coffee smelled great and made a nice cup of coffee. It was slightly stronger than the store brand House Blend, both in color and taste. Hubby seemed to like it too; in fact, I think he got more of the coffee than I did!

It is available at local groceries stores and on Amazon.com. It comes in a lot of different styles and flavors. There is the whole bean and ground bag coffee, Keurig Vue packs, as well as the Keurig K-Cup packs. The packs vary in price based on the size of the box. A 12 ounce bag costs about $8 at my local grocery store.

This was just my taste opinion. If you try it, please post your feedback in the comments section!

Here are the links to the K-Cup packs on Amazon:
Breakfast Blend
Breakfast Blend Decaf
Dark Magic (extra bold)
Nantucket Blend
Caramel Vanilla Cream
Hazelnut Decaf
French Vanilla
Wild Mountain Blueberry
Vermont Country Blend
Colombian Select
Sumatran Reserve (extra bold)
Kenyan AA
Double Black Diamond (extra bold)
Pumpkin Spice, seasonal
Spicy Eggnog, seasonal
Gingerbread, seasonal
Golden French Toast, seasonal

Green Mountain Coffee, Wiki

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