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Friday, August 24, 2012

More Recalls!

Here's some new recalls:

What: Red Vines Black Licorice Twists (American Licorice company)
Hazard: Lead
Look For: Best Before Date of 020413, 1 pound (16 oz) bags
Contact: American Licorice consumer support at 886-442-2783
Source: FDA

What: Cantaloupe
Hazard: Salmonella
Look For: Chamberlain Farm Produce, Inc. cantaloupes grown in Indiana
Sold At: Retail and grocery stores in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri,
            Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin
Source: FDA

What: Dole Salad, Italian Blend
Hazard: Listeria
Look For: 10 oz. Dole Italian, Use-By Date of August 20, UPC 7143000819
Sold At: Alabama, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania,
            South Carolina, Virginia
Contact: Dole Customer Support (800)-356-3111
Source: FDA

What: Care Bear Pacifiers by the IDM Group*
Hazard: Choking
Look For: Care Bears on pacifier, TCFC copyright mark, silicone nipple
Sold At: Discount and dollar stores, Walmart, some children's clothing stores from
            10/2009 to 6/20012
Contact: (212) 686-5221, www.pacifierrecall.net
Source: CPSC
*I received the Care Bear pacifier recall in my email from the Consumer Products Safety Commission. However, I could not get their link, nor the company recall link to work. There may be a lot of traffic on their sites causing problems. I wanted to pass on the information, but I have not been able to verify it yet.

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