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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Great Candy Hunt

Recently it was our 90th wedding anniversary....just kidding, only 9th (but you know how sometimes it feels longer). It  fell on a Thursday and my mother in law offered to watch the boys so we could go out (Thank You, Mom!). We talked about movies, but there was nothing we really wanted to watch. We mentioned dinner, and although it's super nice to eat without little hands grabbing our food or trying to climb over the booths, we felt we were still missing doing something unique and wasting a date night. My husband came up with a great idea, at least for me. We found all the candy/chocolate stores on the way to dinner (at least the ones that were open).  We mapped them out and stopped at each one along the way and I got 1 piece of chocolate at each stop! Yummy! Hubby doesn't even eat chocolate, so I know he loves me ;)

Stop 1: Starbucks. I know, not really candy or chocolate, but I love my coffee. I got a tall Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.

Stop 2: Locally Based Candy Store #1: Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cluster.
Inside the store

Stop 3: Locally Based Candy Store #2: Gourmet Milk Chocolate Pretzel with Peanut Butter Chips. This is also where the boys and I got the delicious chocolate ice cream sodas.
Inside the store

Stop 4: Local Candy and Ice Cream Store: Dark Chocolate Dipped Apricot. (I'm not a huge apricot fan to start with, so if you love apricots, you would probably love these. I wanted to try something new though. It was ok, needed more chocolate.)

Stop 5: A Candy Bar. We had never been there before. It was in a cute little downtown area with a few cobblestone streets. It was all prepackaged candy with a few different ones I didn't recognize. I tried the Sky Bar. It was ok, nothing special.

Stop 6: Sweet Tooth: I ended up getting 2 pieces! I got a Coffee Truffle (was ok, slight espresso taste) and a Dark Chocolate Ganache (There was a caramel filling and it was really good).

Stop 7: Sweet Dreams Candy: This was a candy store set in a shopping area, but it still tried to maintain the candy store feel. I got a Milk Chocolate Truffle with Butter Pecan Filling. (Really good!)

Stop 8: Schneider's Sweet Shop: I got 2 pieces here too! I got a Orange Cream Truffle (the inside tasted like orange cream and the outside was a dark chocolate, although you tasted the orange more than the chocolate. Still pretty darn good!). My other piece was a Big Mamma, which was a big caramel and pecan cluster covered in milk chocolate. So yummy!

We arrived at dinner and it was super tasty. We had to wait a few minutes to be seated, so we waited on the balcony and saw the sunset. There was a peanut butter chocolate pie that was going to be Stop 9, but I was way too full at this point to eat anymore!

*If you decide to do this, make sure to check store hours since some candy stores close super early (like 4:30/5:00)!*

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