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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Time Snacks

The summers where I live can get hot and super humid. I have a few go-to cold desserts that are always a hit.

The first is super easy and is one I remember eating as a kid. Frozen grapes! They make great ice cubes for water or juice too.

If your kids like those, you can try freezing a bunch of different kinds of fruit. My son was watching "Sid the Science Kid" on PBS and saw them do a science experiment. The experiment consisted of having a container of water, putting different kinds of fruit in and freezing it. Once it was frozen (the next day for us), they let it thaw out. "We" got a little antsy waiting for it to thaw and ended up running warm water over it to help thaw it out. The boys loved it and the fruit was nice and cold.

Another easy treat is frozen strawberries. My husband introduced me to this yummy dessert. (He uses blueberries, but I like strawberries better.)

I buy fresh strawberries, wash them, pat them dry and slice them. I then place them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. You could buy unsweetened frozen strawberries to make it easier.

Place the strawberries in a bowl that can go in the freezer. Pour milk over the berries. I add a little sprinkling of sugar or sweetener (1 packet). My husband lets it sit on the counter or in the fridge for the milk to get crusty and start to freeze. I am impatient and stick it in the freezer. When the milk gets frozen or slushy like, break it up with a spoon. If there is still milk not frozen, place back in freezer. Break it up with a spoon and enjoy!

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