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Friday, June 15, 2012

Top Reasons Why My Kids Say Dad Is Awesome

As we were wrapping Father's Day presents, I asked my kiddos why they loved Dad. Below are their top reasons. (HINT: A video of this makes a great Father's Day gift!)

Dad lets us watch Netflix.
Dad reads us stories.
Dad turns songs on the iPad.
Dad brings us to stores to get Mom presents.
Dad brings us to the ice cream place when Mom's gone.
Dad brings us to the park.
Dad lets me play Angry Birds sometimes on the computer.
Dad helps us build Lego's.
Dad brings us to fun places.
Dad makes us sundaes when Mommy's gone.
Dad loves us so much.
Dad gives us rides. (piggy back rides)

"I love you, Dad!"


  1. Those are some pretty awesome reasons :o)

    New follower (via G+) from the blog hop

  2. Sounds like a great dad!

  3. So cute! ps. I love the pic at the top of your blog!


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