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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Gift: Make A Frame!

For a relatively easy craft for Father's Day, try making a frame! He can use it at home on his dresser or at work on his desk!

You will need:
  • A wooden frame (craft stores often have for around $1-$2)
  • Wood glue (I used Gorilla Glue, not realizing it expands slightly as it dries, so you can see the glue on the frame. Hot glue might work too.)
  • Items from his workbench he won't mind you using (nuts, bolts, picture hangers, ect).

  1. On the top of the frame, paint on Dad. I had leftover craft tiles and used those. 
  2. Next, have your child glue on the workbench items (or tell you where he/she wants the items glued).
  3. Let dry completely and add a picture of your child(ren) and their dad!


  • If you have a golf lover, use golf tees, scorecards from previous golf outings, plastic golf balls, and a golf pencil.
  • If you have a fisherman, use pieces of line, some hooks, lures, and bobbers.

  • If you have a gambler, use dice, cards or mini cards, poker chips.

  • If you have a chef, use mini utensils (from a play set or from a doll house set), themed stickers.
  • If you have a hunter, target/bulls-eye and other stickers, shell cases.
  • If nothing else, you can always use office type of things around the house to make a frame.


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  1. That frame turned out nicely. Will have to make one for my husband.


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