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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Be. Wine Review

I am a BzzAgent; I get a sample or a coupon for a product, along with coupons to share. (For more info on BzzAgent, check out my Freebies For Adults post.)

Recently, I received a Bzz kit for Be. Wines. The kit came with some Be labeled products (lip gloss, nail file,  mints, and a small mirror) and mail in rebates for the wine.

There are 4 varieties for the Be. Wines:

  • Be. Flirty Pink Moscato: "rich berry and delicate floral notes"
  • Be. Bright Pinot Grigio: "sun-ripened citrus flavors and zesty hints of citrus"
  • Be. Fresh Chardonnay: "crisp green apple flavors and zesty hints of citrus"
  • Be. Radiant Riesling: "tantalizing fruit flavors and bright floral notes"

I was in the mood for something sweet, so I picked the Pink Moscato and let it chill for a couple hours until dinner. (Ok, so it didn't really pair with dinner, but I really wanted to try it.) It is definitely a sweet wine. It is great for sitting around, sipping while talking with hubby or friends, or reading a good book. It leaves a nice slightly sweet aftertaste, nothing too strong. Most of the time when I read wine descriptions, I can't taste whatever they described. (I always fall for ones that state chocolate in the taste description and am pretty much always disappointed.) This time, I could actually taste berry type of flavors in the Pink Moscato! 

This is one wine I will definitely be buying again! If you like sweet wines, give it a try :)
It must be good! The bottle's almost gone and I usually
don't drink that much!

*These are just my opinions. I receive free samples from BuzzAgent, but am in no way compensated otherwise.

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