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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Do Sheep, Spiders, Eggs, and Stars Have In Common?

Mother Goose!

Today is Mother Goose Day. Help celebrate by reading Mother Goose stories and making some crafts to go with them! For example:

*Little Miss Muffet: Make spiders out of black construction paper or egg cartons. Learn a few new facts about spiders.
  • To make egg carton spiders, cut each egg holder out of the carton and paint with black craft paint. Poke 4 holes on each side (I used a needle), and push in black piper cleaners. Fold the ends of the pipe cleaner over on the inside to help keep them in place, tape if needed. Form pipe cleaners into legs. Paint on eyes or glue on googly eyes.

*Humpty Dumpty: Make eggs or egg salad together! My Eggstravaganza post has a way to dye eggs without the color pellets you usually only find at Easter.

* Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Learn about some of the constellations (Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Orion), look for shooting stars. My Look Up At The Sky Day post post has links to print out a constellation map and to some star information.

*Old King Cole: Make crowns out of construction paper and stickers! If you want lots of glitter to your crown, use a glue stick, then sprinkle on glitter. There are also jewel stickers available at many craft stores.

*Mistress Mary: Plant some flower seeds or new flowers in your garden.

*Mary Had A Little Lamb, Little Bo Peep, Ba Ba Black Sheep: These stories offer a lot of opportunities: learn about wool, go to a petting zoo, cut out a sheep shape out of construction paper and glue on cotton balls for the wool. Some local parks or farms offer opportunities for kids to come and learn about the different animals. One of the parks near us has a petting farm. When it warms up, they have sheep shearing. The kids get to touch the wool and see the sheep getting a haircut!
Sheep Shearing

Egg Carton Sheep. I cut out an egg holder
out of the carton and glued on cotton balls.
Once it was dry, I glued on another cotton
ball for the head, pieces of cotton for the
tail and ears. Once the head as dried, I
glued on googly eyes.
Tail of egg carton sheep

Sheep to color


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