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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Ideas: Photo Session!

Welcome to Day 4 of Mother's Week on the blog!

I am a little bit of a picture freak. I almost always have my camera with me and feel kind of naked if I leave it at home. I have tons of pictures of the kids. However, I am not in a lot of pictures since I'm always taking them. Does this sound familiar?

Today's idea is a Photo Session! Book an appointment at a picture studio and get a picture with your kids! Or if you have a stubborn one like my youngest who will not smile for a photographer, ask a friend or other family member to take one for you. It's a gift for yourself (I love having pics of me and the kids), a gift for your kids (they'll love seeing pictures of you and them as kids when they get older), and it could be a gift for others (give a copy to Grandma, your husband, etc.). Lots of photography studios offer deals around Mother's Day too. See, I just gave you all kinds of good reasons to go get more pictures taken, so get to it!

My husband took this one, and it still makes
him laugh.

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