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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easy Pinecone Bird Feeders

We have a ton of birds around our house right now with lots of new birds hatching. My kids wanted to put out a bird feeder, but we made one instead! All you need is a pine cone, bird seed, peanut butter, and string. (A plastic knife works well to spread the peanut butter on.)


1. Find a pine cone :)

2. Using a knife, gently spread peanut butter
   around the pine cone. (Because I grabbed
   our pine cone on one of our walks, I
   placed some peanut butter in a washable
   container and used a plastic knife to
   spread it on. That way I didn't spread any
   yucky junk from the pine
   cone into the peanut butter jar.)

3. Roll in bird seed. (I used the top of the
   washable container to hold a small
   mound of bird seed to roll the pine cone in.

4. Tie a string on the bottom of the pine cone
   and hang outside on a tree branch.

5. Sit back and enjoy the birds!

Side Note: We had 3 birds come until a baby squirrel came to the bird feeder. My son walked outside and the squirrel ran off. An hour later, I noticed the pine cone was gone! Not on the ground, but completely gone. Oh well, there's always more pine cones to find on walks...

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