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Monday, May 28, 2012

Bzzz..Bzzz...It's Bee Art Time!

To make a honey comb picture, there are two options:

Option 1:
1. Press a finger into a light yellow or tan
    paint and press into a pyramid shape.
    Turn paper upside down and repeat.
    Let dry.
2. Dip finger tip in yellow paint and gently
    press around the paper to form the bees
3. Use a fine tip black marker to draw on
    eyes, stripes, and wings. (You could also
    use black paint and a thin tipped
    paint brush.
4. Use the marker to draw dots around the
    paper to create a flight pattern for the

Option 2:
1. Cut a hexagon out of potato.
2. Use potato to stamp out hexagon shapes
    for the bee hive.
3. Follow above steps 2-4 to create the

Bees have 4 wings and 6 legs.
The buzzing sound comes from the bees wings.
Bees smell using their antennas and taste with its tongue and front legs.
Many people think bees are yellow and black, but there are some that are green, blue or red!
One hive can have up to 70,000 bees living in it!
The queen bee is the biggest bee in the hive. She lays the eggs. She can live up to 5 years.
Other female bees are worker bees. They live up to 8 weeks when working.
Male bees are drones. After mating, they die.
Once a honey bee stings you, it dies. Only girl bees have stingers.
Bees live all over the world, except where it is very cold.
Bees go through 4 stages: Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult.
If a bee finds pollen, it does a dance to tell the other bees where it is.

Time For Kids Bees!
Bees by Deborah Hodge

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