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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Poo-Poo Basket

My oldest was relatively easy when it came to potty training, at least for going "pee-pee". I printed out calendar pages of Scooby Doo (his favorite character at the time). Every time he went pee in the big boy potty, he got to put a sticker on the calendar. Once he got "enough" stickers, he got a prize (usually going to the dollar store to pick out a toy or getting an ice-cream).

However, he was not interested in going poo-poo in the big boy potty. Staying in a dirty diaper did not faze him at all. We eventually came up with the poo-poo basket. When he went poo-poo in the big boy potty, he got to pick a prize out of the basket. The basket included cars, stickers, some Thomas trains, bubbles, and candy. It worked great! Apparently all he needed was bribery.

Now, we're potty training my youngest and I'm hoping the bribery works again (he's even more stubborn than his brother was)!

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