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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Box House

If you have any large cardboard boxes from deliveries, let the kids make an indoor play "house"! (Some stores will give you their large delivery boxes if you ask.)

We had a few large boxes left over from some deliveries and I decided to let the kids play with them. I cut out openings for a door and windows. The largest box was the main floor. I cut the middle of the "roof" out.  I cut the flaps off the top of a medium sized box and taped (open side down) over the cut out roof area of the large box.

Once the house was assembled, the kids got out their crayons and markers and decorated! They played house, kitchen, and restaurant (apparently, they are very different things). My youngest did his best to convince me to let him sleep in there, even showing me that his pillow and blanket fit perfectly. The house actually lasted through several days of play!

Use your imagination! A box (or boxes) can become anything you want it to be: a train, a castle, a car/truck.

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