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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Snack Jar

My kids ask for a snack several times a day. I try to make the first go-to snack fruits and veggies. However, on days they are still hungry or they don't want an apple, my husband and I usually hear "I want something else". Our response of "What do you want then?" is generally met with an answer of "something in the cupboard". This is then followed by several minutes of my kids standing in front of the cupboard, staring into it, trying to decide what they want. (Does anyone else have this problem?) My husband finally got annoyed last weekend with the routine of snack time and made The Snack Jar.

The Snack Jar is a clear resealable jar that is filled with all the carbohydrate snacks found in the cupboard at the time. For example, peanut butter crackers, Goldfish, Cheese Its, pretzels, crackers. He fills the jar almost full, gently rotates it to mix the contents up, and viola! The Snack Jar. It has made snack time so much easier because now, if they want more or "something else", they get The Jar. Thank you, husband!

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