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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Love Mr. Clean!

Have you ever had the feeling it was too quiet? I had that feeling the other day and decided to check on my son, who was supposed to be napping. He apparently had decided to sneak a crayon (of course he managed to find one of few non-erasable ones we have) into his room at nap time, which I found on his bedroom door, closet door, and wooden bedframe.

My normal go-to's of cleaners and even diaper wipes (they clean amazingly well) did not work. I found a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser hiding in the cleaning box and gave it a try on the crayon marks. It worked! My new goal, other than checking his pockets before he goes to bed, is to always have a magic eraser in the house.

Yesterday, he made this mess, which cleaned up with just a diaper wipe (this time it was an erasable crayon).

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