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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celebrate Incredible Kid Day!

March 15 is Incredible Kid Day (yes it is a real date on the calendar)! Use this day to tell your child how proud you are of him/her, how much you love them, how they are a good kid. Do something fun with them: go to a park, take a walk, make cookies, play trains or dolls with them.

Super Kid!
I tend to get caught up in the everyday repetition of tying shoes, changing diapers, potty training, homework...Use this day to take a step back and marvel at the wonderful little people you created. When I take time to really listen, I am amazed at how smart they are, the questions they ask, and just the wonderful little people they are. Of course, within minutes they will no doubt be fighting with each other over a toy, but at least I took a moment to remember just how lucky I am to have them in my life before I get caught up in the commotion again.

Another way to celebrate this day is to write a letter to your child(ren). I write a letter to each of my kids a few times a year and place it in their memory box. The letters usually go over their accomplishments (potty training, learning how to tie their shoes, writing their name) and big things we did (vacations, feeding a giraffe at the zoo). Plus, one day I won't be here (hopefully not for 60 more years or so), and they will have memories written down for them in my handwriting (as a side benefit, they'll know who to blame for their horrible handwriting).

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